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"Pranada's loving touch is simply pure and radiant healing energy.  I've been in the wellness industry for over 20 years and I'm very discerning about the practitioners I use.  Pranada is something special.  An absolute gem.  I highly recommend her work!"

- Joy Taylor, Mount Shasta, 2015


"I have just received a 90 minute massage from Pranada.  I've experienced various therapists through the years and now have finally met 'the one'.  The type or combination of styles she used were really designed for me.  But, more to the point, Pranada intuitively knew how to create my absolute dream of a massage.  This perfection is what I have always wanted and needed for many years for true relief of tension and relaxation.  Thank you!"

- Stephanie Yamamoto, Grass Valley, 10/2016


"Excellent energy work with the skill of targeting deep, tight muscles and releasing tension without the sore-muscle hangover. Great with cranial sacral work as well, felt like a dream! Thanks Pranada!"

- Teighlor Renee,  Nevada City, CA, 3/2017


Being a parapalegic individual for the past 15 years, I have been worked on by countless therapists and explored innumberable modalities.  From that depth of experience, I can tell that Pranada is EXCEPTIONAL at the kind of work that penetrates beyond a mere feel-good massage, and which can provide deep and lasting transformation.  I recommend requesting cranio-sacral and somatic emotional clearing as I feel that she excels as a provider in this way particularly.  Don't miss the rare and precious opportunity to work with her!

- Misha Montoya, Grass Valley, CA 4/2017


"I first met Pranada for a massage in Mount Shasta and since she relocated to Nevada City, I try to make a point of getting in to see her whenever I'm in town.  She has a very gentle energy that I appreciate and integrates a number of effective techniques for relaxation and healing from pain.  Her touch is intuitive and educated and soothing.  I like her Lomi Lomi in combination with deep Swedish, cranial sacral and energy work."

- Rick Larsen, Redding, CA 4/2017


"Pranada is a gentle, kind, loving spirit with powerful healing hands.  I experienced a deep sense of relaxation and deep healing with my sessions with Pranada.  I recommend Pranada to all my close friends and people in need of a loving presence."

- Christopher Taylor, Grass Valley, CA, 4/2017

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